Nick’s Confession

“Is it normal to want to hurt yourself after a breakup?” an anonymous question read. You can imagine how taken aback CPR instructor Mrs. Green*

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Crucial Conversations

“It’s not WHAT you’re saying that makes people defensive, but WHY they think you’re saying it.”-Joseph Grenny (Yes, even your teen!) Are there moments in

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Senate Bill 65

Here’s a huge thanks to Tim Wesco from CPR! We at Creating Positive Relationships wanted to take a moment to explain some changes that will

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Sadie’s Story

A true story of CPR’s impact beyond the classroom. “How many of you are in a serious dating relationship? If so, how long have you

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Sex Ed in 2018

“There’s nowhere else to learn about sex. And porn stars know what they’re doing.”–Teenage boy cited in a New York Times article “What Teenagers are

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Picking Your Moment

Maybe it’s in the car. Maybe it’s when you’re cooking dinner. Maybe it’s at night before they go to bed. Whatever it may be, picking

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So Much Sex, So Few Boundaries

Society loves sex. Our society endorses so much sex through songs like “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne and “No Limit” by Cardi B, shows like Game of

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The Big “P”

I often say that technology is a great thing, except for when it isn’t. With an endless amount of information available to us within seconds,

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

CPR’s New Digs The boxes are finally unpacked and we’re starting to feel settled. The move to our new office space has been, to say

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