Why Creating Positive Relationships?

Creating Positive Relationships (CPR) began programming in 1990 with the intent to educate young people on making healthy decisions regarding their sexual activity and relationships, increasing their opportunities for future success. The culture and the media continue to encourage young people to live a life without sexual restraint and rarely, if ever, portray the actual consequences of doing so. CPR’s program equips young people with the knowledge, ability, and desire to have healthy relationships while it promotes abstinence and sexual risk avoidance. Over twenty-five years later, CPR’s program is now used in 30 central Indiana school districts and by 28 Associates throughout 5 US states and 10 other countries.

The board of directors, staff, instructors, associates, and volunteers of Creating Positive Relationships are committed to promoting sexual risk avoidance.

The core message of both the middle school and high school program is that postponing sexual activity until marriage is the healthiest choice. Our program uses a whole person approach. Young people are encouraged to consider the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of being sexually involved and the significant freedoms and benefits associated with delaying sexual activity.

Our program also provides young people with practical strategies for goal-setting, decision-making, maintaining self-control, respecting one’s self and others, planning for dating, setting safe limits for physical affection, and resisting peer influence. Young people in our program are actively engaged in the learning process. Parents are a significant factor in a child’s decision on whether or not to become sexually active, therefore, we are committed to educating, empowering and involving parents/guardians. We provide training, webinars, online resources, and educational materials and we encourage young people to talk with their parents.


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