The Golden Globes: A Symbol of Hope?

The Golden Globes happened this week.

If you’re like me, you enjoy watching all the stars walk the red carpet and admiring the beautiful gowns, listening to the reporters ask “Who are you wearing?” If you tuned in this year, you would have noticed the red carpet marked by a very distinct color: Black. Countless stars wore this color in support of the “Time’s Up” movement, standing up and speaking out against sexual harassment. Many stars also included statements of rebuke and empowerment in their speeches, most notably being Oprah Winfrey’s words declaring a new time is coming where no woman will have to say “Me Too” again.

But how?

Speeches are great. They make us feel inspired and empowered to make a change, but then the speech ends, leaving us with the need to DO something, yet with no real direction of where to start.

Well, what if change started with conversation? What if change started with information and education?

Can you picture a world where young men are taught what respect and commitment are and what they look like?

Can you picture a culture where girls are taught from a young age what healthy and unhealthy behaviors are and how they should and shouldn’t be treated in their relationships?

Can you imagine a world where the next generation is taught that sex is good when it’s between two loving, respectful, committed people bound by marriage?

The Golden Globes taught us that it’s clearly time to change the message about respect, commitment, and relationships we’re sending to the next generation. Up until now, lyrics, images, and shows promoting a lot of uncommitted, casual sex have overwhelmed our society. What we’re seeing in our society now—a devastating rate of sexual harassment, abuse, and broken relationships—is the result. But with such a lack of talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships, can we really be that surprised?

With such a deeply personal, physical, emotional problem, is there any hope of change for the future generations?

We believe there is!

By supporting CPR, you’ll be spreading the message of healthy and unhealthy relationships throughout your community and beyond. You’ll be equipping people, both young and old, with the tools and tactics to avoid risky situations, identify abusive characteristics in people and relationships, handle conflict in healthy ways, identify STI’s, and say no to sex before marriage.

It’s time to blow the whistle on the unhealthy relationship habits ravaging our society. It’s time to DO SOMETHING to alter the course our culture is on.

Time’s up.





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