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Do you ever feel like striving to connect with your teen is useless? Do you ever wonder if it’d force your child to be more independent if you simply took a backseat to their life, leaving them to figure it all out on their own?

Well, research shows that regularly spending quality time with your teen, even if it’s just around the dinner table, actually increases their independence in a positive way! In fact, studies show that talking to your teen on a consistent basis and spending quality time together not only increases their sense of independence in their daily lives but it can also increase their desire for their own stable relationships. Showing interest and care in your teen teaches them what a positive relationship should look like while also giving your teen the confidence to take on life, knowing they’ve got a supportive, loving parent at home. Who knew?

So, grab a pizza, maybe with your teen’s favorite toppings, and talk about what’s been on their mind—not only will you be connecting and enjoying time with your child but you’ll be investing in the quality of their own relationships, too!

Need help getting the conversation started? Check out these questions! Pick a few, but always remember: listen, listen, listen! You won’t regret it.

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