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Creating Positive Relationships offers effective programs that build character in young people and equip young people to develop healthy relationships. Our programs drive positive outcomes in the youth, parents and communities we serve. We measure the impact of our programs by assessing progress towards the outcomes outlined below.

CPR uses several measurement tools to assess progress towards these outcomes. Students at the various grade levels complete different types of assessments, based on each age group’s ability. In High school, CPR uses an open-ended assessment which is analyzed against a rubric to gather uniform data. In sixth and seventh grade, students complete a pre- and post-test through the course of the program. In eighth grade, CPR uses short online assessments at the end of each day of instruction. CPR is in the process of revising the parent assessment, considering adding a pre and post survey for parents.


Young people demonstrate increased knowledge about healthy relationships.

Young people demonstrate transformed or strengthened attitudes about healthy relationships.

Young people acknowledge abstinence as the healthiest choice.

Young people express an intention to make healthy choices.


Parents are equipped to have meaningful conversations with their children about healthy relationships and sex.

Parents express an intention to advocate for healthy youth relationships – in their families and in the community at large.