December 2021 Newsletter

As 2021 comes to an end, there are more people and entities vying for your attention than ever. We so appreciate the time and resources you’ve given to us and wanted to remind you of who exactly you’re supporting every time you donate to, or spread the word about, CPR.

In a world in which many are confused about the values of organizations that they support, when organizational values are questioned regularly, we think this is a perfect time to communicate once more what CPR’s values are—just so that you know.

Our Core Values – What Guides Us

ServiceServing young people, parents, organizations, and the community.


RespectRespecting those we serve, including those with differing viewpoints.


OpennessCommitted to creating open discussions about sex and relationships, offering honesty to young people and parents. Committed to communicating the benefits of sexual abstinence until marriage, emphasizing sexual risk avoidance.


RelevanceOffering a current, well-researched, and medically accurate program through engaging presentations and teaching the value of healthy relationships and whole person maturity.


CPR also believes that healthy relationships are mutually encouraging, uplifting, and beneficial and that they are characterized by the following –

  • Respectful speech to and about others
  • Care and consideration for the needs of others
  • Healthy conflict resolution

CPR works to demonstrate these values and to cultivate them in others.

If CPR’s values continue to resonate with you, would you consider making a tax-deductible donation today?

We cannot thank you enough for the support you provide to CPR so that we can continue to help people identify their own personal values and pursue a life that honors them, both in their relationships and in their future goals.






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