Mrs. West’s Story Pt. 1

Temptation: it’s a scary word! We’re all tempted by different things. It could be a cupcake or cookie, an adult beverage or cigarette, or maybe even inappropriate images.

Teens today are bombarded with sexual temptations and a plethora of opportunities to act on those temptations, many times from the comfort and concealment of their own bedroom.

The UK conducted a study on 2,500 grade school and college-aged students and found that 60% said they turn to pornography for their sex education. This growing pandemic is devastating not only to the viewer but to the viewer’s current and future relationships, too. (We talk more in-depth about why this is devastating here.)

How can we combat this alarming news?

CPR begins talking about pornography and its effects in 6th grade and, sometimes, students listen.

Meet Mrs. West*, one of CPR’s middle school instructors. After finishing another week of CPR instruction, an 8th-grade student came to her and thanked her for CPR’s message. He said that, because of CPR’s lesson in 6th grade about the dangers of pornography, he had not only been able to stay away from the harmful content but had also been able to remind his friends of pornography’s dangers, too.

                “I want to give my future relationships the best chance possible,” he said.


Be on the lookout for Part 2 where you’ll hear more about Mrs. West’s time in the classroom!

*The instructor’s name has been changed to protect the identity of all involved. 


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