Interrupting the Domino Effect

Have you ever considered the impact relationships have on our lives? When people have the knowledge and skills to have strong, healthy relationships, they are better friends, family members, neighbors, employees, and citizens. But, when people lack healthy relationship skills, it can cause a domino effect:

  • An unhealthy encounter with a boss can lead to joblessness.
  • Unhealthy patterns with a friend can lead to loneliness.
  • Unhealthy interactions with neighbors can lead to isolation.

The dominos continue to tumble as recent research shows that a lack of healthy relationships is detrimental to overall health. People with unhealthy relationships are susceptible to

Healthy relationships, however, not only give people the security to grow and develop, but “researchers have even shown that people with healthy social relationships have a 50 percent greater likelihood of survival!” *

 CPR’s programs interrupt this domino effect by providing people with the knowledge and skills to have healthier relationships.

When you support CPR, you are supporting our belief that a world full of healthier people, who know how to be better employees, friends, family members and more, is possible.



*“How Relationships Affect Health and Wellbeing.” University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Minnesota,               Twin Cities, 4 Oct. 2019, twin-cities.umn.edu/news-events/how-relationships-affect-health-and-wellbeing.


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