Though I already know most of the information taught, because I was able to talk through and discuss some of the more “awkward” things about relationships, I feel like I have a more applicable to life understanding of the subject. By this, I mean that I will feel more confident about making the right decisions when the time comes.

I’ve never really had a good relationship with my parents. We would never talk and when we did it was arguing. I got tired of this and sometimes felt like giving up, then then I read the CPR booklet. I sat down with my mom and we talked about it, like normal people. CPR has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I feel so much better now that I can almost restructure my life and become a better person. Thank you so much.

This was my first experience in a CPR class and it was so informative and helpful! Even though the STD/I education and “visual aids” freaked/grossed me out, I’m so thankful that I know about them and how many people have them! It’s crazy! Now I know what to look for in my relationship and will always have that mental checklist. Thanks again!

I enjoyed this program a lot. It was fun and I learned a lot. I learned about how to have a healthy relationship. I learned ways to avoid negative situations and how to get out of them. This program has really opened my eyes and has definitely made a difference in my life.

I learned that there are many different infections and ways to get them. I’ve also learned about all the emotional and mental effects too. For example, the guilt of unhealthy decisions can last forever and stick with you. We learned some of the abusive relationship red flags such as isolation or jealousy. Choosing abstinence can save you from a lot of harmful effects or risks. When you are abstinent, you don’t have to worry about all those problems. Now that I’ve learned about CPR, I know that abstinence is a healthy choice for me.

I have taken CPR for four years now, and it has made such a large impact on my life. It has taught me communication and relationship skills. It has educated me so much about how to make, have, maintain, and sometimes end relationships. It will help me in future situations, and guide me through my life.

I learned a lot about abusive relationships. I’ve learned that I can break the chain of verbal abuse and tendencies to get into abusive relationships that run in my family. I now know how to start helping my friends.  I really appreciate all the things you’ve taught us. One of my biggest fears was how I was going to enter a relationship that isn’t a harmful one, and how to stand on my morals in a relationship.

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach this class to us! I enjoyed the experiences and learning the material. It was very informative and I especially enjoyed learning about healthy versus unhealthy relationships, since this can be such a huge issue in our culture. These are things that every teen deserves to know!

In CPR I learned about relationships and being abstinent. I learned that you need a good balance of different qualities to have a healthy relationship. One of those are you don’t always have to have sex to have a good relationship. Before CPR, I was very close to giving into having sex, but now I am choosing abstinence again. With choosing that, by boyfriend is okay with it and our relationship couldn’t be better. So I truly thank CPR for showing how to stay abstinent and choosing it. They showed me that I don’t have to “give it up” just to be in a relationship.

Thank you so much, I learned a lot! It made me think of past relationships gone wrong and how to be more aware and protect myself from a bad relationship next time. I have already chosen to stay pure until marriage but this was a great review of WHY I am. Thanks again!