Job Description: Classroom Instructor

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To teach Sexual Risk Avoidance abstinence education with a whole person approach in public and private school settings.

Reports to:
Program Director


  • Complete certification process as outlined below.
  • Be available to teach periodically throughout the school year. Each week is a Monday-Friday commitment.

Skill Competencies:

  • Believe in the message of abstinence until marriage
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • Excellent time management
  • Prompt & Reliable
  • Organized
  • Respectful & Courteous
  • Connect well with teens
  • Awareness of teen culture today
  • Engaging with curriculum
  • Competent public speaker
  • Respectful of authority
  • Teachable
  • Literate in computer, internet, & email
  • Comfortable saying body parts

Certification Steps:

  1. Interview with CPR’s Program Director.
  2. Complete the training. For middle school certification training, it is a 2-day commitment. High school certification training is a 1-day commitment.
  3. Observe and Co-Teach. You will shadow a CPR Trainer for one week in the classroom for each grade level. You will observe 2 classes, co-teach with the CPR Trainer for one class, and teach 2 classes while the CPR Trainer observes.
  4. Certification. The Program Director will decide if certification requirements and skill competencies have been met to begin as a paid Instructor.

Note: At the discretion of the Program Director, the Trainee may be asked to cease the continuation of the certification process at any time.


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