The Survey Says . . .

///The Survey Says . . .

Recently, we surveyed parents who volunteered to be a part of CPR’s Survey Group. We thought you might enjoy learning a little about what we heard from these helpful parents in August.

All of our parent respondents told us they use email and most text. For them, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (in that order).

When looking for help/support in parenting, spouses ranked the highest as the resource most accessed. Friends and articles (no source was offered/specified) proved to be the next most accessed resources, while the Bible and family members were ranked closely behind.

When parents were asked, “As a parent of a teen or preteen, what is your greatest parenting challenge?” these were the top categories of responses provided:

• challenging authority
• relationships between siblings, friends and others
• hormonal mood swings
• technology/social media use
• communication
• school demands/social peer stresses
• growing independence and need for responsible behavior
It is interesting to note that CPR’s program addresses all of these issues.

We also asked these parents what they already knew about CPR. Here is a sampling of the answers that we received. We’ve offered our response in italics.

Parent: CPR is a program that teaches kids about what is a healthy/appropriate relationship as it relates to their development.
CPR: We could hardly have said it better ourselves! We also work to equip them to have healthy relationships.

Parent: I am very familiar with CPR. A neighbor of ours who is affiliated with Parents in Partnership [in the Hamilton Southeastern School District] asked us to participate in the surveys.
CPR: Thanks very much for volunteering to be a part of this important group!

Parent: Helps to open the door for even better communication between Tweens and Parent!
CPR: Improving communication between parents and their teens/preteens is something that is very important to us.

Parent: This program works with middle school and high school kids to help them recognize the importance of positive interactions in all aspects of their life.
CPR: YES! Well said!

Parent: It’s an organization that caters towards teens and their parents, creating relationships between the two. It’s more centered around sex education and teaching abstinence.
CPR: We absolutely want to be considered as an organization catering to both teens and parents. We are happy to know that you know that!

Parent: Nothing.
CPR: We definitely hope to change that!

If you are a parent of a teen or preteen and would be willing to share your thoughts and/or valuable feedback with us, please send an email to and just tell me you want to be included in our survey group. I would love to hear from you!
Cid McNeilly
Executive Director

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